Concerned about African Swine Fever? Newport Laboratories does not use any raw materials from countries identified by the USDA as potential carriers of foreign animal diseases, including China.


HERDPOINT, which is powered by GVL (GlobalVetLink) and available exclusively to customers of Newport Laboratories, simplifies isolate management and improves the efficiency of the nonadjacent approval process.

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Filling in the Gaps with Custom-Made Vaccines

There are economic costs associated with some key bovine diseases.

Custom-made vaccines can help protect your herd from these diseases and reduce your economic losses.


Pinkeye Educational Modules

Newport Laboratories is proud to present four interactive educational modules about Pinkeye in cattle.

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A Letter to Our Customers
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  • Sep 28, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

Boehringer Ingelheim has reached an agreement to sell Newport Laboratories, which manufactures custom-made vaccines for swine and cattle, to Vaxxinova.

By prioritizing our investments and focusing on key brands in our livestock portfolios, we believe we can deliver the greatest value to customers and ensure long-term growth and success in a dynamic and evolving business environment. 

Luke Daniels

Newport Laboratories, Inc. announces recipient of inaugural Lex Thompson Veterinary Investigator Award
  • by
  • May 26, 2021

New award helps veterinary students pursue research into cattle health

WORTHINGTON, Minn. (May 26, 2021) – Newport Laboratories, Inc., a Boehringer Ingelheim company, is proud to announce the recipient of the first-ever Lex Thompson Veterinary Investigator Award. The award, which will be given annually to a veterinary student, recognizes an outstanding research proposal and provides the tools and support necessary to complete it.


Pinkeye: New Challenges Call for New Solutions
  • by
  • Mar 26, 2021

Cattle herds exposed to infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, more commonly known as pinkeye, are at risk of lower calf-growth rate, potential blindness and permanent damage if left untreated.1 It’s estimated that pinkeye causes annual losses of more than $150 million in the United States, affecting over 10 million calves.

With an emerging species of pinkeye bacteria overtaking the previously predominant species, controlling this increasingly complex disease is challenging for many producers and veterinarians. But there are tools that can help.


One-Dose Adjuvant Saves Time, Cost by Removing Need for Booster Shots
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  • Mar 22, 2021

Newport Laboratories, Inc., a leader in custom-made vaccines, is proud to offer Bio One™, a proprietary one-dose adjuvant that helps reduce time, labor and expense by removing the need for booster shots.

Many bovine custom-made vaccines require an initial administration and a second booster shot several weeks later, but due to the added labor cost and logistical challenges associated with administering the second dose, it is commonly overlooked. This can compromise the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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