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Maintaining the health of your animals is central to the success of any livestock operation. Newport Laboratories works to ensure that veterinarians and livestock producers are equipped with the preventative, diagnostic, and educational tools necessary to ensure peak performance. The livestock industry changes quickly, and these changes often bring unique disease challenges.

Our use of molecular biology techniques such as gene sequencing and DNA fingerprinting save valuable time in diagnosing complex problems. By genetically selecting specific virus strains, our team can create vaccines specifically targeted to the issues facing your animals. The world of animal health continues to evolve, and you will find Newport on the leading edge.

Staying on top of disease prevention and overall heard health issues is no small feat. Newport Laboratories puts you on a winning team in this battle. No matter what challenges today's changing environment brings, you can rest assured that the team at Newport Laboratories is working to discover and implement the most cost-effective, cutting-edge tools to help you solve the problem.