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Custom Made Vaccines
(Autogenous Biologics)

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Guiding the Way for better animal health.

Maintaining the health of your animals is central to the success of any livestock operation. Newport Laboratories works to ensure that veterinarians and livestock producers are equipped with the preventive, diagnostic, and educational tools necessary to ensure peak performance. The livestock industry changes quickly, and these changes often bring unique disease challenges.


Custom Made Vaccines have been used for many years to help address livestock diseases. Newport Laboratories has applied 21st century technology to the traditional autogenous approach to produce high quality biologics for the livestock industry. 


Our staff is experienced in isolating both bacteria and viruses from tissues and blood. Our Diagnostic Laboratory also offers a variety of testing for our swine and bovine clients. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a common diagnostic test used for amplifying DNA and testing for different bacteria and viruses.


Our goal is to empower you with helpful manuals, guides, and forms. Visit our resource page to download material, or use our forms to order a physical hard copy for easy reference.