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Newport Laboratories is proud of our dedication to the swine and bovine industries. We are the industry leader in autogenous biologics and offer commercial products and cutting-edge diagnostic services to suit the industry's ever-changing needs. Since 1997, Newport Laboratories has assisted veterinarians and livestock producers in their efforts to address animal health problems through diagnostic testing and production of Custom Made Vaccines.

  • What is a Custom Made Vaccine?

    Custom Made Vaccines have found their niche as a complement to "off-the-shelf" products. By definition, Custom Made Vaccines are made-to-order from the virus or bacteria causing disease in a livestock operation. The resulting product is specific to the pathogenic (disease-causing) strain(s) in that herd.
  • What is the benefit of a Custom Made Vaccine?

    In some cases, commercially available "one-size-fits-all" combination vaccines may not contain the desired strain, or may contain others not desired in the individual herd situation. Newport Laboratories' Custom Made Vaccines offers veterinarians and producers the ability to formulate a combination product customized for the producer that is not available commercially.
  • How long does it take to produce Custom Made Vaccines?

    The time from isolate selection until release and shipment includes the production time and the mandatory quality control (QC) testing time. The time for production varies, depending on the specific organism's growth rate. In general, the time required is 4-6 weeks for bacterins and 8-10 weeks for viral vaccines.
  • How long is the isolate "good", and what is the product shelf-life?

    According to USDA regulations, each isolate has a finite lifetime, depending on when it was initially isolated or when it was first used to make an autogenous biologic. The isolate will "expire" 15 months from the time of isolation or 12 months after it was first used to make a product, whichever is less. A request can be submitted to "extend" the dating of an isolate. If approved, the isolate extension will provide a total of two (2) years of use. An isolate can be extended only once.

    Shelf-life of the product is 18 months from date of manufacture.
  • Can Custom Made Vaccines only be used in the herd in which the original isolates were found?

    Typically, a Custom Made Vaccine is produced for, and intended for use in, the herd from which the original isolates were cultured. However, the USDA allows the use of the product in other herds (adjacent or non-adjacent to the herd), upon formal request and approval. Use in other herds requires justification based on the epidemiology of the disease and the risk of disease to the other herd(s). The request for use in non-adjacent herds requires a list of those specific herds in which the product will be used. The product may not be used in herds for which permission has not been granted. Newport Laboratories will assist veterinarians in requesting approval for adjacent and non-adjacent use of our products.
  • Do you use ingredients from China?

    Newport Labs does not source any porcine origin ingredients from China. Furthermore, we do not use any raw materials from countries indentified by the USDA as potential carriers of foreign animal diseases