Scope of Service

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Services

Working primarily with swine and bovine, Newport's diagnostic staff has extensive experience in both traditional diagnostic services and molecular diagnostic techniques. With over 100 years combined experience, our staff is dedicated to working with veterinarians to ensure proper sampling and submission, quick turnaround, and accurate results.

Traditional Diagnostic services include:

  • Bacteriological culture
  • Antibiotic susceptibility testing
  • Serological antibody profiles to monitor herd pathogen exposure
  • Virus Isolation of viral pathogens such as PRRSV, SIV, and PCV2
  • Histopathology

Biologics - Service and Experience

Newport Laboratories has always sought out the latest scientific developments and techniques to use in producing the highest quality products possible. We have consistently been recognized as being among the most innovative leaders in the livestock biologics industry.

  • Founders started their first livestock biologics company more than three decades ago
  • Technical Service staff has more than 100 years combined experience in both production and technical services, as well as more than 50 years combined experience in private veterinary practice
  • Close working relationships with university veterinary diagnostic laboratories